Friends of the Library

Jasper Friends of the Library Society is a voluntary, charitable association that supports the extension of services and resources of our library. It is also dedicated to improving community awareness and enjoyment of our Library services. These aims will be enabled through the fundraising efforts of the group.


The Friends of the Library Society is a group of volunteers who are strong supporters and advocates for our public library.  We meet several times a year, or as needed, and focus on the needs of the library.  We work with the director, and we provide support for the library staff and the library board. 


As the fund-raising arm of the library, we help with events such as the Scholastic Book Fair, the Garden Tour, working a casino, and the book sale in June.  These events help raise funds and showcase our wonderful library.


We would love to have more members and invite you to think of joining our group.  If you are interested, please fill out an application and drop it off in the library.


Thank you for considering us! 


Please contact the library if you would like more information on the Friends of the Jasper Library.